About VibroSaver


There are so many different groups of individuals out there with variety of sleeping habits:

who can’t satisfied with current typical alarm clock, who live in urban areas with many noise such as car alarm, policy/EMS trace siren noise in the midnight, then they might need earplug for prohibition noise but no way to wake up with normal alarm, couple/roommate- do not disturb she/he/Family sleep as wake up, heavy sleeper, also who wants wake up spouse/parent from outside as emergency situation but couldn’t wake up by phone if he/she deep sleep or hearing aid senior or deaf.    

There are those that have different wake-up schedules such as couples and roommates, and then there are those that are heavy sleepers that require the strongest remedy and assistance to be woken up. Furthermore, there are those that “cannot” wake up with the typical alarm clock, and those that block out the peripheral noise so they can fall asleep need the strongest vibration alarm to wake up. Additionally, there are those who are senior citizens, deaf and partially deaf who require assistance to be woken up in emergency situations and not.

Overall all the surveys done, identify that individuals today they have difficulty “Waking Up”.

Now there is a remedy that addresses all the various situations regarding waking up. VIBROSAVER is for everyone and anybody. Its sole purpose is to “Wake UP in Silence”

Though the APP, VIBROSAVER operates via Wi-Fi. Unlimited multiple alarms can be programmed to go on and off at various day and times, weekday/weekend. In addition, immediately vibrate for wake up go on and go off all through the APP via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

Featuring the strongest vibrations in the marketplace, VIBROSAVER’s 2 Levels of vibration, (Normal and Strong) are powered through AC power connectivity for maximum performance.  

With today’s top-notch voice commend technology, even not use phone App you can tell ALEXA and or GOOGLE HOME via voice commands “Turn on VIBRO” and “Turn off VIBRO”.

Enabled through a free APP (acquired from the Apple App store or Google Play Store), one can downloaded to a smartphone and super easy setup and go.

Once you are all set up, the best place for maximum performance is to place VIBROSAVER under your pillow and prepare to be woken up via the strongest of vibrations at the pre-set time programmed via the APP on your smartphone.  

VIBROSAVER ---the vibrating alarm device that will wake you up in silence.