Connect VibroSaver to Alexa

☑ Before you begin:

  • Having added VibroSaver on your VibroSaver account is not a prerequisite in set up for Alexa.
  • Install Alexa app on your smartphone and setup to use with your Echo device. For more details about setting up Echo devices, click here to refer to Amazon Echo support page.
  • Prepare your VibroSaver account information (phone number/email address and password). It is necessary to link with Alexa account during VibroSaver skill setup.

1️⃣ Install VibroSaver skill on Alexa

Alexa uses skills for devices such as VibroSaver. To use VibroSaver skill with Alexa, follow on-screen instructions on Alexa app.

In Alexa app,

  1. Tap Devices on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Tap 🔍 on the top right of the screen and use a keyword VibroSaver.
  5. Select VibroSaver in the search result.
  7. Enter your VibroSaver account (phone number/email address and password) that you used to login to VibroSaver app and tap Link Now.
  8. Tap Authorize to authorize to link your VibroSaver account to Alexa.
  9. VibroSaver skill is now successfully connected to Alexa. Tap X at the top right corner of the screen to close the window.
  10. If you already added a VibroSaver device on VibroSaver app, go to 2️⃣.
    If you haven not added a VibroSaver device on VibroSaver app, go to 3️⃣.

2️⃣ Add VibroSaver via Discover Devices on Alexa

If you have a VibroSaver device registered to your VibroSaver account, you can simply link it to Alexa by Discover Devices on Alexa app or Echo devices.

  1. Once VibroSaver skill has been installed and enabled, Discover Devices screen will be displayed. Or you can ask Alexa to discover your VibroSaver. Say, "Discover VibroSaver." or select Add Device in the Devices section of the Alexa app.
  2. After discovery is complete, Your VibroSaver device(s) registered to your VibroSaver account will be added to your Alexa account. Tap SETUP DEVICE and follow instructions to assign VibroSaver to a group.

3️⃣ Add VibroSaver via VibroSaver App

  1. Once VibroSaver skill has been installed and enabled on your Alexa app, your VibroSvaer account has been linked to your Alexa account. After then, whenever you add VibroSaver devices on the VibroSaver app, they will be automatically added to your Alexa account.

4️⃣ Set Up VibroSaver on Alexa

You can set up your VibroSaver device to link to a group on Alexa such as Bedroom, Living room, or any other.